Before and after

House with Garage beforeThe garage AFTER

The builders made an amazing job of converting the garage.  You really wouldn't know there was ever a garage there before, Antony Gulliver who runs the company actually went and hand picked the bricks to get them as close a match as possible and made the windowledge by hand to match the existing ones next to the front door.  Incredible attention to detail!

Inside the garage BEFOREInside the garage DURINGInside the garage AFTER

Not the best photos of the transformation - you really need to see it to appreciate the amazing job they did.  The downstairs reception is now affectionately known as "The Library" (because it has a bookshelf) and really makes the house usable if you have a whole bunch of people or if you want to split into different groups - the library can be the quiet room.  It seats three as it has another chair in there too.  Oh and I did tidy up the cabling!  Time for a new photo as soon as we're able to travel...


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